Bespoke Investments - made to measure
The investment process will always begin with us forming an understanding of your overall financial plan, with particular attention paid to your current and future needs, your requirement for income or growth (or a combination of both), and your risk profile and time horizon.

A member of our experienced team of Independent Financial Advisers will then use the information gathered to develop for you a personally tailored investment strategy, complete with an underlying asset selection that has been designed to meet your very own specific requirements.

We carefully select from only the very best investment managers and most established and reputable product providers to create a well-diversified portfolio of assets that match your financial objectives and risk profile. We don’t believe in a one size solution fits all, and offer a range of tailored investment propositions. This is followed up with first class aftercare in the form of our wealth management review service. Reviews will be carried out quarterly to annually depending on the nature of your investment plan.

Investments can cover a broad spectrum of asset classes, they may also differ depending on whether you are making a lump sum investment or wanting to make use of your disposable income to save regularly.

Some examples of investments that may be used are:

    • Collective Investment funds/ Unit trusts / Mutual funds
    • Capital protected and guaranteed funds
    • Bank issued structured products
    • Government and corporate bonds
    • PIBS (Permanent Interest Bearing Shares issued by building societies)
    • Equities
    • Alternative Investments
    • Fixed rate deposit accounts

Please note that all investments involve risk, and there is no guarantee that any investment strategies will achieve the desired results under all market conditions. Each investor will therefore need to ensure they understand their individual risk profile and capacity for loss before purchasing any investments or entering into any contracts.

Do you have a lump sum to invest? Do you have disposable income you want to utilise more effectively? Contact us and learn how you can benefit today.

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