Step 1 – Free Consultation

Wherever you reside and whatever your financial needs and goals, the first step is a free consultation. Either by telephone, online video conferencing or in person with one of our Advisers, the consultation enables us to learn about your particular circumstances and to introduce our services and areas of expertise in greater depth.

We also give you the opportunity to raise any questions or concerns. There is no obligation on your part to proceed further.

Step 2 – The Fact Finding Process – Understanding Your Needs

Only when we are satisfied that our expertise and services can benefit you financially do we then invite you to complete a Confidential Client Profile Document with an Adviser. This ensures that our advice and recommendations match your goals and needs. The form can be completed online by yourself, by telephone, or in person with an Adviser.

Step 3 – Research and Recommendations

The information provided by you in the Confidential Client Profile Document will enable us to accurately research the investment options for your specific needs. Using a whole of market approach ensures that you can feel confident that the advice that you receive is truly independent and wholly focused on fulfilling your expressed criteria.

On completion of our research, a Suitability Report will be emailed to you detailing the products and services we recommend and why they best match your needs.

We always include a full breakdown of the fees and charges that apply and give you, the client, the option of a fee or commission based charging structure.

Step 4 – Answering Your Questions

On receipt of your Suitability Report it is important to take your time to fully digest the information. You are welcome to telephone your Adviser should anything require further explanation or if questions arise.

Should you not wish to proceed from this point, there is no cost incurred.

Step 5 – Completing the Paperwork

Only when you are completely satisfied with the advice received and all of your questions  answered, will we then prepare all the necessary paperwork required to set your investment up correctly. We will walk you through the application forms step by step and ensure that the whole process is, for you, simple and straightforward from start to finish.

Online Access and After Care Service

Once your investment plan has been implemented you will be presented with the relevant certificates and policy documents together with access to a secure online viewing portal where you will be able to view your investments and financial information securely from anywhere in the world 24/7.

We place considerable importance on the regular servicing of our client’s portfolios. Setting up your investment is only the start of our journey together and from here we will continue to monitor and track the performance of your investments. In addition, we also believe that rather like the changing economic environment that we live in, our clients needs and circumstances also change, and therefore ensuring we remain fully updated on all fronts remains very much our objective.

Your dedicated Financial Adviser will discuss with you the frequency of reviews required, and this will largely be dependent on your financial plan and the underlying investments that you hold. We insist that our clients commit to an annual review as a minimum, and with some clients requiring reviews as frequently as quarterly.


Free Consultation