We are delighted to offer our clients the choice of how they would like to pay for our services, whether this is by a fee based model, a commission based model or a combination of both.

Whilst the debate about fees versus commissions rages on, at First Equitable we like to take an impartial view. We believe that there are, quite often, compelling reasons to use both models; it is far too simplistic to simply say one is superior than the other. In our eyes this would be the equivalent of suggesting that a model portfolio, or small set of funds, is suitable for every client, regardless of their own individual needs and objectives. Clearly this is not the case.

It is our absolute belief that, rather like creating a suitable wealth management strategy, careful consideration must first be applied, to arrive ultimately, with a solution that fits the needs of the individual client.

At First Equitable, rather than trying to impose a certain ideology on our clients, we believe that openness and transparency offer a better solution and help us to form a bond of trust between Adviser and Client, something we believe to be fundamentally important in creating a successful working alliance between ourselves and our clients for many years to come.

Whenever we create a financial plan for our clients, we will first present you with options of both models, and we will then happily take the time to walk you through the perceived advantages or disadvantages and also any implications of using the different models. You will be free to make the final decision yourself, and you can do so secure in the knowledge that you have had the full facts at your disposal.

It is not uncommon for clients to benefit from an overall reduction in cost of up to 50% when viewed in comparison to many of our major competitors. Ultimately lower management costs and charges means better investment returns for your portfolio, and higher returns for you means happier clients for us, which we can assure you, makes our job much more enjoyable!

Providing good financial advice is not about cutting corners, because obtaining good financial advice also costs money, rather good financial advice is about being equitable and ensuring that each individual client is put first at all times.

At First Equitable our promise to you is that we will always put you first. We pride ourselves on delivering a first class service, and our core values of intergrity, transparency and treating you fairly, will be apparent at all times. Click here to see How We Work .